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Are you searching for your deeper truth and do you
long to know what your purpose is? Perhaps your soul
is calling and asking, “ Who am I? ”. Do you have a
strong desire to live a life of meaning, reward,
respect and love?

Welcome beautiful one, I am Elizabeth Peru 'The Soul
Interpreter' from Australia. Since 2003 I have been
working as a professional Author, Teacher and Soul
Voice helping thousands of people world-wide to
wake up and own their true power.

Through my business Deltawaves I guide you to
trust your own inner knowing. I help connect you to
your soul so you can be at peace with who you are,
using your talents and abilities to live a life of ease
and fulfilment.

People choose to work with me when they are ready
to take full responsibility for their life and make the
changes necessary to realise their innate potential.

What I do
I am known for my insightful, practical and
contemporary wisdom teachings on the soul.
I particularly teach how our head (the personality)
and our heart (the soul) can work as a team.
Integration of head and heart is my speciality.

I also have a strong passion for sharing my planetarywisdom. I write up to date global forecasts that enable us to understand the changes that we are all going through with the soul’s evolution. You can work with me live one to one or at your pace with my on demand teachings.

- your 'essential' daily companion


- on demand teachings

- your unique soul reading

- live one to one

- meditate & connect

As the 'Soul Interpreter' people engage me to provide them with:

  • efficient, accurate and intuitive knowledge and insight into their specific life situation
  • clarity and assistance with self-knowing
  • a deep connection with their soul and confirmation of their natural talents, gifts and how to use them
  • an honest, straight forward and heart felt evaluation of their life, encouraging answers from within

People come to me specifically because:                                                                         

  • they are ready to do the hands-on work of personal change and to accept full responsibility for living their
    best life

  • of my ability to go straight into the core of current life imbalances, by tuning into the soul and showing the individual what part they play, what they may be overlooking and how they can use this information to make their own decisions
  • they respect and trust my guidance and support in treating their life with the utmost dignity and love
  • they resonate with and benefit from my daily global teachings on Social Media
  • of my proven professionalism and consistency within the self-improvement industry

    Before choosing me as your Soul Interpreter, I understand that you may want to know a little more
    about me. Please visit my About Elizabeth page.








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