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Receive Elizabeth's 13 PAGE Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide and
     14 PAGE Numerology Guide for 2015
- these are exclusive supplements
     just for subscribers to Elizabeth's weekly Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. Learn more

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Hello and welcome to the work of Elizabeth Peru of Deltawaves.
Elizabeth is your trusted Australian Cosmic Guide and Teacher.
Deltawaves has been offering quality personal development
services to the globe since 2003
. ..experience your soul.


Elizabeth Peru has been authoring The Tip-Off
(as it's fondly known) since 2003. It's your week in advance,
daily planetary guide is written for the entire globe.
It's different to any other astrology forecast as you learn all
about current cosmic influences plus how to apply them to
heal your life and know who you are. The Tip-Off is written
for real people in simple language.

Featuring Elizabeth's conversational style that is easy to
follow and apply. The Tip-Off Forecast gives practical
interpretations of the current planetary movements that
you can use and learn from. Elizabeth is known for her
accurate astrology style forecasts and interpretations of
global energy trends and upcoming planetary shifts.


You can study at home at your convenience with Elizabeth's quality Online Video Courses. Receive Elizabeth's essential teachings on the soul and cosmic connection. These Video Courses teach the deeper mysteries of life and promote self-inquiry. You will unlock and receive your wisdom and answers from within. Each Video Course includes a collection of Video Classes along with Study Guides and Notes. Viewable across all computers screens and mobile devices.

Elizabeth Peru is renowned for her uplifting and lyrical soul voice . Each of Elizabeth's Guided Meditations
awakens and speaks to your higher-self. Select from our large range of quality Mind Body Spirit Guided Meditations to relax, let go, heal, create and connect. Elizabeth's Guided Meditations promote self-inquiry. You receive instant answers to your most pressing questions from within.


Elizabeth Peru offers Personal Skype Sessions across the globe. Working with Elizabeth in a private and live session is a special experience. Together you will go to the deepest places within your soul. Hear the wisdom
and direction that your higher self has for you. Elizabeth skillfully makes every message practical and relevant
to your current life. You will come away loaded with tools and choices to make a difference in the world. 


Since 2006 Elizabeth Peru has offered a unique service in the field of personal development. The Personal Journey Recording is an intimate conversation that Elizabeth has with your soul. It is recorded without you physically present and is emailed as an MP3 download. You keep it forever. Each Personal Journey Recording
is a deeply personal and revealing insight into the soul's plan for your life. Elizabeth speaks to you about your natural talents, your challenges, your ideal life path and current direction. It is recorded live with no breaks.
You receive word for word Elizabeth's messages from the heart. Messages that can confirm your path. Be propelled and encouraged onto your life purpose.







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